Chapter 3. Benefits of E-governance :

In the arena of advanced technology, e-government has a distinct place and it facilitates a huge
number of customers to perform their task speedily. As the Internet supported digital
communities grow, they present the national governments with numerous challenges and
opportunities. e-Governance which is also known as electronic governance is basically the
application of Information and Communications Technology to the processes of Government
functioning in order to bring about ‘Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent’

Reduced corruption
High transparency
Increased convenience
Growth in GDP
Direct participation of constituents
Reduction in overall cost.
Expanded reach of government

E-Governance is improvement in governance which is enabled by the resourceful use of
Information and Communications Technology. E governance brings better access to information
and excellence services for inhabitants. It also brings simplicity, efficiency and accountability in
government. Through the use of ICT to governance combined with comprehensive business
process reengineering would lead to simplification of complicated processes, simplification in
structures and changes in statutes and regulations.