Chapter 2. Types of E-Governance

a) G2C (Government to Citizen) :

As people are the key concept of politics and government as well as governance, the
government is compelled to connect with citizens through a transparent and accountable order.
In this connection the government is responsible for promoting the social opportunities and
public services in the field of- Transportation (Registration of motor vehicles, Issue of driving
licenses, Issue of plying permissions, Tax and fee collection through cash and bank challans and
control of pollution etc.), hospitals (linking of various hospitals in different parts of the country
to ensure better medical services to citizens), education ( availability of the e-learning modules to
the citizens, right to education), online job portal and various customer services.

b) G2G (Government to Government) :
G2G has been referring to raising the quality of the government process by cost cutting,
managing performance, and making strategic connections within government. It enables
government institutions to be more efficient and more effective by the use of IT tools such as –
Live fingerprints scanning and verification,
Electronic entry of reports and paperwork etc.
The major key areas in this type of e-governance are :
E-Secretariat (all the valuable information regarding the function of the government are
interlinking throughout the various departments),
E-Police (police personnel records, criminal records etc), and
E-Court (creating a database of all the previous cases, pending and ongoing cases) and Statewide

c) G2B (Government to Business) :
G2B is mainly concerned with these things –
E-taxation, Getting a license from the government etc. Secure Electronics Transactions. It
has included the policy of government with business.

d) G2E (Government to Employee) :
The G2E model refers to providing information and services from government to
employee and employee to government as well. It involves training through –
e-learning methods; Consolidating the employee and Share of knowledge among the employees.
It has also facilitated the employee to access information regarding pay and benefit policies and
manage their profits through online.