Teacher's Guide to Cybersecurity, Everything you need to know dealing students

Find cyber lessons for students,tool kit for teachers,advice for parents to help children to have a safe online browsing


These resources help schools assess their readiness
to deal with online safety issues and provide suggestions
to improve their practices


These resources encourage the participation of the
school communtiy in creating a
safe online environment


These resources assist schools in developing the
capacity of students, staff and parents to have positive and
safe online experiences


These resources help schools to assess and respond
to online incident, providing guidance to minimise harm
and support wellbeing

Remove images, posts or other content

Get help to remove content from social media, games, apps and search engines.

How to make a cyberbullying complaint

A step by step guide to reporting cyberbullying to eSafety.

Counselling and support services

A directory of online safety and wellbeing resources for everyone.

This material has been adapted with permission from the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner. Permission to adapt content does not constitute endorsement of material by the eSafety Commissioner.