Protecting Children in Cyber Space

Find cyber lessons for students,tool kit for teachers,advice for parents to help children to have a safe online browsing

Be Safe

Talking to friends, playing games and watching videos
can be so much fun!

Be Kind

No one deserves to be hurt online. It’s not your fault.
You can get help

Be Curious

It could be a fake news story, information that is not true or a fake website. Or someone could pretend to be another person online. Be careful and be curious

Be Secure

Once you share something online it is very difficult to take it back. It could be shared or copied by someone else. Ask permission before you share!

Cyber Law

Internet Crimes Against Children

Information System

Internet Safety – How to keep you safe online

Cyber Piracy

Cyberbullying – Learn How to Deal With It

This material has been adapted with permission from the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner. Permission to adapt content does not constitute endorsement of material by the eSafety Commissioner.