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Cyberbullying – Learn How to Deal With It

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Course Description

This course will help to create an awareness among the children which will help them to address the cyberbullying issues

Through this course, we are trying to talk about the ways cyberbullying could be dealt and also children can prevent cyberbullying from happening to them as well as others.

Our course – Being Safe Online comprises of 6 Modules

 Module 1. All about Cyberbullying

Module 2. Technology based Online Abuse

Module 3. Impact of Social Media on Children

Module 4. Pros and Cons of Messaging Apps

Module 5. Children and Mobile Technology – A boon or Curse?

Module 6. Gaming & Mental Health

Who should attend this course?

This is an awareness course designed basically for students of 8th Grade till 12th Grade.


Each module is of a duration of 30 mins Lecture & 10 mins Q&A session.