About Kidglove

Kid glove focuses on creating awareness and capacity to counter and tackle the threats of cyberspace.Children are highly vulnerable as they are exposed to cyber space with limited understanding of cyber threats and safeguards.

They like to experiment, learn new things and use new technologies. While experimenting is a good way to learn, it is equally important that proper guidance is provided to children so that they can protect themselves from adverse impact of cyber technology.

Vision & Mission

Kid glove has taken a visionary initiative to curb and enervate the notoriously spreading cyber  the threats to children and citizens of our nation.

Kid glove is carrying out extensive awareness, training and education campaigns, so that the education institutions and public  are made aware of the dangers of the internet, and how they should be careful and avoid falling into cyber traps.

Kid Glove Objectives Are

  • To encourage students who would like to take up a career in cyber security.
  • To provide students with a hands on environment, so they can practice what they learn.
  • To provide opportunities towards advanced research and publishing of papers for deserving students.
  • To provide a learning platform for schools to train their students in cyber security.
  • Increase campus awareness of information security through training and communication
  • Register all schools from kerala with kids Glove programme and achieve 100% cyber Literacy